Italian Fabrics

Italian Fabrics

What’s special about Italian Fabrics ? Why are they considered to be the best in the world?? Is it only designing and colours or is there something more intricate.

Italians have mastered the art of weaving the best woolen fabrics and that too made them so fine and delicate that they are delight to wear all year round – yes even in 47 degree summer. They call it Cool Wool for a reason.

Now these fine fabrics need special handling and thus the intricate art of making garments from them is limited to very specialized garment brands. Such is the class and trust hat they are the only brand which has co branding rights with the fabric makers and thus you get a co branded garment with name of fabric maker – prestige and authenticity going hand in hand.

GIVO is thus the only the brand which has a full collection across Suits , Jackets , Trousers and Shirts all made from the finest Italian Fabrics in the country. It is the only company in India that has suits and jackets that are exclusively co-branded by Italy’s biggest manufacturers including Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Reda and Vitale Barberis. Every item of our premium Italian collection comes with either of these company’s official labels providing it with a degree of authenticity

Unlike traditional suits and jackets that can only be worn in the winters, GIVO’s premium Italian suits and jackets are made with remarkable and lightweight wool that is the best in the world enabling it to be worn throughout the year. The reason for this is quite simple. Unlike traditional wool and even cotton that absorbs moisture and keeps the wearer warm and uncomfortable during summer months, this special wool used by Zegna, Loro Piana, Reda and Vitale Barberis actually breathes allowing the wearer to feel light and comfortable even in the summer months.

Another amazing feature is the wool count of each of these suits and jackets. Each suit or jacket is either a super 120 or 150 and the best of the best are made from super 180. The number denotes the fineness or thinness of the individual fibers that were spun into the yarns which was woven into the cloth which was sewn into a suit or jacket. The higher the numbers are, the better and finer the quality of the wool making it less likely to wrinkle.

The fabrics used are just half the story; the other half is the production facility where the fabrics are stitched together to create the final Italian suit or jacket. GIVO’s production facility is a state of the art facility having been set up in technical collaboration with Marzotto(owners of Valentino and Hugo Boss) who are also equity partners in the company. As a result, the plant has a strong Italian pedigree and is rated as one of the best in India.

What else can be said about the beauty of GIVO’s Italian Range? The fabrics used come straight from Italy and are stitched to provide the finest suits and jackets on the market. From fabric sourcing to finishing, they are unmatched.